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Hanwell Methodist Church
Composed, designed and published by Ray Garnett ©

Here is our second page of prayers, poems and reflections.

Prayers, Poems and

Visitors' Book

If you visit our Church then please fill in our Visitors' Book at the back of the Church. We love to read where people have come from, their messages and comments about our Church.

Service Books and Bibles

If you would like details of the availability of service books and Bibles for use in the Church then please link to our Service Books page.

Reflections page 1.
A Spring Birthday

From hard dark earth fresh shoots appear
As Winter bids farewell
Soon daffodils and tulips sway
As though they long to tell us
"All is new today -
Come live and share this joy.
This miracle of loveliness
For every girl and boy!".

The catkins on the hazel,
Pussy willow, silver soft,
And blackbirds sweetly singing
As they build their nests aloft.
The bustle and music of Springtime
All merge in a glory of green.
And harmony, beauty and sunshine
Bring warmth after Winter so mean.

And all is a prelude to Easter
When the cross held our Saviour so dear.
He who rose from the cold grave in triumph
To teach us we've nothing to fear.
We thank you Lord God for this wonderful world
Ever changing but always alive.
Let us treasure and nurture it wisely
As for its protection we strive.

An Easter poem contributed by Eileen Pratt, March 2008
The Blackbird

I can't recall the spoken word
Or who was by my side
When the Holy Spirit filled my heart
And God became my guide.
"All in the April evening"
The choir so sweetly sang.
And a shaft of sunlight pierced the gloom
As distant churchbells rang.
And as the last note faded
All was quiet and still
Save the trembling call of a blackbird
As he perched on the windowsill.

'Twas forty years ago I felt the wonder of that night
Yet still the memory moves me
And fills me with delight.
Now when daffodils and tulips dance
And I know my Lord is near
I hear that joyful blackbird
As in my sixteenth year.

Eileen Pratt, March 2008

Bombs falling, red blood flowing.
Soho murders, violence growing
Pollution rife, disease ensuing
Unplanned babes, abortion queueing.

Mugging, raping, cheating, lying
Sex confusing, youngsters dying.
Poverty - no food, no water.
What future for our son, our daughter?

Sunny skies, blackbirds singing
Smiling babies, church bells ringing
Busy bees, sunflowers glowing
Whistling workmen, gardeners mowing.

Children learning, nurses caring
Music playing, families sharing.
God is love, great jubilation!
For we are one in His creation.

Contributed by Eileen Pratt, June 2012