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Hanwell Methodist Church
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Notes on using audio

The audio files stored on this website are in MP3 format. They can therefore be downloaded onto MP3 players for you to listen to on the go. Alternatively, by clicking on a link below you can listen to the audio online. In order to play the audio file you will need an audio player such as Windows Media Player installed on your computer. If you already have this software on your computer then the audio should automatically start to play shortly after it has been downloaded.

If you require to install Windows Media Player (currently version 11) then click on the linked graphic on the left which takes you to the appropriate Microsoft site. Once the site loads click on the Download now button. The download is free of charge.

Audio Services

Windows Media Player

Click on the button below if you need to download Windows Media Player in order to listen to the recordings.

Listen to our Sermons

Click on the appropriate link below to listen to the speaker's message:

No sermons are currently available.
Once the system has been piloted, sermon dates, the speakers and the topics will be listed here for you to listen to.

Listen to our Services

No full services of worship are currently available.