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Hanwell Methodist Church
Composed, designed and published by Ray Garnett

First Sunday in Advent
3rd December 2017

Leader: As our days grow shorter
and our nights longer, we who are
people of faith turn to the symbol of
Advent candles, to proclaim our
belief in the unquenchable light,
Jesus Christ. In hopeful anticipation,
we are preparing for the coming of
the Prince of Peace.

Let us listen to the Word in the
words of the prophet.

All: We open our hearts to the Word in the words. As we begin our journey, we long for the One who opened heaven and came down to kindle a fire in our soul.

Reading: Isaiah 64: 1-3

Leader:  We who wait with anticipation, feel hope rise up within us. And so we light this first candle and name it HOPE.  
(Light the candle)

Hymn from Singing the Faith:  180 v. 1

Second Sunday in Advent
10th December 2017

Leader: Advent calls us to prepare our hearts for the
coming of Christ. All around us people prepare for
parties, dinners and presents. These events could
distract us from the real reason for our anticipation.
On the other hand, they could prepare us; they could
be the voice in the wilderness of materialism: “Prepare the way for the coming of what is really important”

All:  Rather than get lost in the wilderness of distraction. We will listen to the voice that is calling our name. We will listen for the Word in the words.

Reading:  Isaiah 40: 3-5

Leader: We choose to be a peaceful presence in the midst of a frantic season. So today, we light the second candle as an act of preparation and call it PEACE.  
(Light the candle)

Hymn from Singing the Faith: 185 v. 2

Third Sunday in Advent
17th December 2017

Leader:  This season of preparation is half done, and
today we light the third candle of our Advent ring to
remind us that there is so much about which we

All: In the midst of all the merriment, we are a people
seeking true joy, in the arms of the Anointed One who
comes to bring it.  Even as the night continues to lengthen, we know the coming of the Light will brighten our darkness, so we listen for the Word in the words of the prophet.

Reading:  Isaiah 61:1-3

Leader:  For us, God has replaced our mourning with the oil of gladness. We light this third candle and name it JOY.   
(Light the candle)

Hymn from Singing the Faith:  330 v. 1

Fourth Sunday in Advent
24th December 2017

Leader:  Love’s memory is long. As we come to the
last Sunday of Advent, we recall the many times we
have been here before, with still so much to do and
so much love left unexpressed. Scripture tells us of
the promised Saviour, fulfilled in the birth of Jesus.
Love’s promise is often kept in unexpected ways.

All:  God’s love endures forever. God’s love is the one reality on which we can rely. Today we prepare for the greatest expressions of love, as we listen once more for the Word in the words.

Reading:  Isaiah 9: 2-7

Leader:  God’s love transforms the world and God’s promises are kept. So, as we light the fourth candle in eager expectation of God’s greatest promise fulfilled, what else can we do but name this candle LOVE?  
(Light the candle)

Hymn from Singing the Faith:  173 v. 1

Let us pray:

Teach us to LOVE, O Lord. May we always remember to put you first as we follow Christ’s footsteps, that we may know your love and show it in our lives. As we prepare for our celebration of Jesus’ birth, also fill our hearts with love for the world, that all may know your LOVE and the one who, you have sent, your son, our Saviour. Amen.

Liturgy for Christmas Day
25th December 2017

Leader:  For weeks we have listen to messages from the prophets. In their words we have caught glimpses of the light that is promised, now though the Advent ring is ablaze and all the candles of anticipation have been lit, still there is one last prophecy to hear.

All:  With eyes wide open, ears attuned and hearts unguarded, we focus on the Advent Candles one last time, longing to receive the Word within the words.

Leader:  No longer do we seek light from another source; now the light burns in our hearts. We light the candle in the centre of our Advent ring and our faith. We light it in the name of the one who is light and life. We name this light JESUS.   
(Light the candle)

Hymn from Singing the Faith:  218 vs. 1 and 5

Advent Liturgy 2017

Hanwell Methodist Church is a registered Charity.

About Advent

Advent starts on the fourth Sunday prior to Christmas. The Western Church has used Advent to focus upon the preparation of Christ’s birth foretold through the prophecies; while the Eastern Church retains the original forty-day period of fasting and prayerful reflection.

The Candles

The Advent candles show unique significance. The light from the Advent candles symbolizes the Light of the World. The four Advent candles represent hope, peace, joy and love with the centre and fifth Advent candle signifying the Light of Jesus as an answer to our prayers.

Our Advent Liturgy

Our Advent Liturgy is a series of prayers that will be used in our services during the four weeks of Advent. Each prayer reflects on the message associated with the candle that is lit in its respective week.

Click on the button below to see when our Advent and Christmas services are scheduled.

Christmas Services.


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